Hagerstown, MD: Rental Property Licensing

This 40,000-person city introduced a Rental Property Licensing Program in 2003 “to promote safety, health, and habitability in rental housing. They partnered with Tolemi to create a systematic way to flag non-compliant properties—without burdening staff with hours of research resulting in greater compliance with less staff hours than before.

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You’ve Passed a Rental Registration Ordinance…Now What? (3 of 4)

Implementing a registration or inspection program can seem daunting. For municipalities that had no oversight of rental properties prior to passing an ordinance, it can mean the added responsibility to register or even inspect tens of thousands of units of housing. And more often than not, we’ve seen these put into place without the addition of new administrative or inspectional staff. In this series of post, we will walk you though each step of the process to make sure that your program is successful.