Cases & Successes

The City of Providence, RI is converting neglected properties to vital market-rate and affordable housing options through the Mayor’s “EveryHome” program.

Cases & Successes

Over 60+ cities from New York City to Richmond, CA and Sherman Texas are using Tolemi products to enhance policy-making, to streamline operations and allocate resources effectively, and to engage with key stakeholders


High Point, North Carolina is a growing city in a state with strong economic prospects. The City’s gains, however, are not experienced in all communities, resulting in deteriorated and substandard properties in a number of areas. Determined to stop and reverse the viral impacts of those problem properties, High Point implemented a proactive code enforcement strategy. Tolemi’s BuildingBlocks technology empowers High Point leaders to analyze their internal data in order to target code enforcement actions in specific locations.


Metro Louisville Government is using the power of data analytics to redefine the scope and scale of distressed properties, aligning policies and matching resources that will stabilize and regenerate housing.

Governments Using Tolemi


Providence, RI

The City visualizes and analyzes a number of property and neighborhood indicators to target high-priority properties eligible for the receivership program. Receivership is the legal tool that Providence uses to influence ownership change on problem properties to get them back to productive use. The City’s EveryHome initiative seeks to convert 700 problem properties to vital, productive housing assets.


Richmond, CA

The City of Richmond and Richmond Community Foundation together analyze multiple parcel data points (code enforcement, tax liens, utility information)  together with market strength indicators to pinpoint specific properties for rehabilitation, in-line with their Housing Renovation Program. The Housing Renovation Program leverages funding from a highly innovative municipal “social impact bond” to finance the rehabilitations, and is repaid through profits from sales of the finished homes.


New york state

New York State: The NY Attorney General’s Office together with partners, Enterprise Community Partners and LISC, are assisting up to 40 municipalities to identify, manage, and prevent “zombie” properties (properties stuck in limbo during foreclosure) through their CitiesRISE program. BuildingBlocks is the technology solution being provided to cities and towns in the program to help leaders and staff efficiently and effectively monitor and prevent zombie properties.


Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY: Louisville instantly analyzes multiple parcel, location, and community factors to prioritize vacant and abandoned properties for strategic foreclosure. The Vacant and Public Property Administration is triaging a pool of 6,000 distressed properties, enabling the team to optimize the use of limited resources to tackle this large problem.


Sherman, TX

Sherman, TX: City Management is leading the effort to coordinate code enforcement, police, solid waste, animal control, and building inspections in order to improve quality of life through the Neighborhood Refresh Initiative. These departments will use BuildingBlocks to share updated data to highlight properties and areas where resources are needed BEFORE the city receives complaints, shifting from a reactive to proactive approach.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas continues to rebound and grow from the 2008 housing crisis. While the city’s growth potential is positive, the scattered nature of property instability and neighborhood disinvestment stretches the code enforcement team’s ability to track and respond to cases. Las Vegas Code Enforcement will prioritize and target properties for inspection, enforcement, and intervention to mitigate nuisance issues, like squatting, and safety threats, such as fire risk.