Mom and Pop Landlords

What about the mom-and-pop landlords?

Mom-and-Pop landlords own nearly half of the nations rental units and are often low to median income themselves. They rely on rent payments to maintain the properties, pay the mortgage, and provide income for their families. With tenants unable to pay rent and moratoriums on evictions, their properties, their incomes, and their retirement plans are all at risk. Small scale landlords are also major producers of naturally occurring affordable housing. Concerns are mounting that large investment firms will buy up the rental stock, increase rents, and reduce the supply of affordable housing. Cities need a strategy to protect their mom-and-pop landlords in the coming months.

Small Business Strategy

Economic Development strategies for at-risk small business

Building on our last post about innovative ways local governments are tapping into data provide housing security to at-risk residents, we also wanted to highlight some of the work our partner cities and towns are doing to support small businesses. Tolemi is working with cities to identify small businesses at-risk of displacement from COVID-19, rising real estate prices, expansion of public transit, and other market forces through data modeling and old school surveys. We explore how two cities with vastly different resources, both large and small, are approaching the challenge.