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To make smarter, more effective governments – the vital institutions that protect and strengthen the communities and people they serve.


Our name, Tolemi (tol-uh-mee), is a play on Ptolemy, the greek polymath most famously known for combining disparate maps to produce the first complete, accurate picture of the world.

Our Story

In the wake of the 2008 foreclosure crisis, every local government faced an urgent priority to stabilize housing and neighborhoods. They all lacked the tools and capacity to grasp the information they desperately needed to take action and do more with less.

Motivated by a deep love for cities and drawn by the call to help the public sector work with data, three friends came together to combine their skills and experience developed and honed in private sector. Tolemi emerged from the co-founders’ public policy academic studies, data analytics technology prototypes, and experiments correlating government data to solve critical urban challenges. They built a simple, user-friendly data analytics tool to help government teams trace neighborhood trends, deploy resources, and get ahead of future problems.

Tolemi has deployed solutions to local partners as diverse as New York City; Sherman, Texas; Richmond, California and across almost every region. The Company works to ensure every government has access to critical data management and user-friendly analysis tools they need. Tolemi believes smart, effective, efficient governance can and must be fact-based and data-driven. We are inspired by our relentless optimism of government as well as the dedication and commitment of our public servants.

The Co-Founders


Co-founder | CEO


Co-founder | EVP, Business Development


Co-founder | CTO


The Tolemi team includes experts in public policy, government technology implementation, data engineering, database architecture and management, and customer success.